Physically healthy woman, 28, decides to be euthanized despite admitting she’s scared of dying

A 28-year-old physically healthy woman has decided to end her life via euthanasia after battling depression, autism, and borderline personality disorder. Zoraya ter Beek, a 28-year-old Dutch woman residing in a small village near the German border, has made the difficult decision to end her life legally. Despite her affection for her 40-year-old boyfriend and … Read more


Last week, Laura Merritt Walker, a widely followed lifestyle influencer, stunned her extensive audience with a profound revelation: the heartbreaking news of her three-year-old son’s untimely passing, which she attributed to a “tragic accident.” Laura and her husband David Walker took to Instagram to share the news, expressing their profound grief and writing a poignant … Read more

Emma Stone admits she would like to be called by her real name

Actress Emma Stone said it would be ‘so nice’ to go by her real name Emma Stone would like to go by her real name. The star has been in a host of movies over the years, including comedies like Easy A and The House Bunny, to her Oscar Award winning performances in Poor Things and La La Land. Basically, Stone has become a household name in … Read more